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Ways to be a top session singer Pt2

This may go without saying but if you really want to get into been a full time session singer the main thing is to be prepared for almost anything and in this case you will need to be on the ball, fully focused and awake we would also suggest you are warmed up before you arrive to your place of work...

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Ways to be a top session singer

Today we will speak about different ways to be a top session singer.  First of all we would suggest you connect with as many musicians and studios in your area.  Maybe work towards doing jingles for local businesses. The expectations that maybe put upon you for this kind of work will require you...

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The Anatomy of Sound Through You.

You should think of your voice as a musical instrument. Like any other acoustic instrument, it has a motor (your breath), a vibrating element (your vocal folds, aka vocal cords), and a resonant chamber (throat, oral cavity, nasal cavity). And just as with any other instrument, proper care and handling...

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How to scale new heights

If you’re a singer, there’s a big chance you’ve heard and/or practised a scale or two in your time. A random word spoken/shouted/sung along with a colourful succession of notes, over and over, and over and over, and over and over, again. Just in case clarity is needed for the last sentence:...

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Listening Out For Your Pitch And The Music

Great singers not only know how to sing well, but they are even better listeners than you would think! This is because when we sing, we need to also listen closely to and monitor our singing pitch, making sure that our vocals are in tune with the key of the music or song accompaniment.


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New Music Teacher Training Course Now Available

So why should you take a certified music teacher training course? Well for a start, you’ll attract more students when they know your approved to teach with ‘Become A Music Teacher‘. You will...

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Singing Harmonies Adds So Much More To Songs.

Singing in harmony is one of singings most profound dimensions. Harmony is a background player, supporting the
rest of the sonic cast. While melody articulates the conscious narrative, harmony gives shape to a song’s subconscious emotional message or subtext.

From building suspense...

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Comprehensive guide to the live microphone market.

My Singing Lessons comprehensive guide to the live microphone market.

With a vast array of live microphones available on the market, MI Pro serves up a variety of what’s currently out there for gigging musicians of all kinds…

Adam Hall

Suitable for use across a variety of...

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Free EntryTo Music Show For our Tutors

Taking place at Manchester Central next month, the Music Show is a dedicated exhibition that features all the latest in instruments and equipment plus free educational seminars and workshops.

It promotes new ways to inspire your music pupils and is designed to enhance teaching skills and help...

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Singing for Energy Not For Effort

We at My Singing Lessons find that this is one of the most confusing concepts in singing. Energy in the tone is what we want and Effort is something we want to desperately to avoid. Energy is created naturally when our vocal instrument...

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Our free guide to what’s currently available in the world of mixers.

Check out our breakdown of the very latest low and high end mixing desks for your band. See how Ipads are now an integral piece of your mixer. Prices and contact numbers included. Free download.

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Free quote to get your PA and microphones insured.

My Singing Lessons have partnered with Insurance business Musicguard to offer PA and microphone insurance and public liability cover to our teachers and their pupils. Please visit ‘Musicguard‘ for a quotation or click Read More >

Guide On Singing Basics

My Singing Lessons guide to basic vocal control. Begin with breathing exercises. Breathing exercises will allow you to better control the pitch and duration of your singing. It’s no surprise: singers who can breathe deeply and consistently get better mileage out of their voice.


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