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Ways to be a top session singer Pt2

This may go without saying but if you really want to get into been a full time session singer the main thing is to be prepared for almost anything and in this case you will need to be on the ball, fully focused and awake we would also suggest you are warmed up before you arrive to your place of work...

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Ways to be a top session singer

Today we will speak about different ways to be a top session singer.  First of all we would suggest you connect with as many musicians and studios in your area.  Maybe work towards doing jingles for local businesses. The expectations that maybe put upon you for this kind of work will require you...

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How Do You Apply For Our New Singing Teacher Training Course

We where delighted to speak to Andy Gleadhill (World renowned music teacher) at the Music Education Expo 2016. Andy has written our new teacher training course. This is what he said about how the course is and how to apply for it. To take the course just go to

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New Music Teacher Training Course Now Available

So why should you take a certified music teacher training course? Well for a start, you’ll attract more students when they know your approved to teach with ‘Become A Music Teacher‘. You will...

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Singers – Do You Want To Head Up My Singing Lessons In Your Country?

Owning a vocal teaching business can be a fantastic opportunity to make money and do what you love all day – SINGING. There are lost of reasons why you should follow your dream of becoming your own boss and start a singing teaching franchise. The following reasons to buy a piano franchise...

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Singing Teachers Need To Know About Social Media

My Singing Lessons are delighted to announce that Nikoo Sadr from Music Ally digital music and media strategy consultants is to deliver a new 2-part seminar. The seminar will take a comprehensive look at the world of social media and how it can be best exploited to maximise opportunities in digital...

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Spread over five days throughout the academic year and led by Sally Cathcart, the Voices Foundation’s Essential Musicianship for Teachers aims to help delegates to develop the musicianship skills needed to deliver a singing-based music curriculum. Suitable for those with an interest in or responsibility...

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Protect Your Singing Website.

Here is is a simple and very effective trick to help you make really strong passwords for your user account on My Singing Lessons. There are two things that make a logon pass phrase difficult to crack. The first is that it must not contain any actual words...

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New Responsive Website For My Singing Lessons

We are delighted to announce our My Singing Lessons website has a brand new improved look and has some great amendments that will really benefit out singing tutors. The upgrade includes a new system which will re-size your profile no matter what device you are using – called responsive....

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Video for singing teachers who need more students.

Singing teachers – do you need more students to teach? Here is a video showing how you can attain many more students ans increase your prices to make much more money from singing. If you enjoy the video please follow our Google+ singers group for many more useful tips and hints on singing.


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Market your music product.

In a band, got a CD coming out, want more music students to teach, selling your musical instruments or just want to say ‘hi’ to musicians across the World? Why not get your details out to over 6,000 musicians by sponsoring our newsletters. Or if your on a budget just choose one instrument –...

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Singing teachers must do their HMRC return straight away.

We would suggest to all singing teachers that you to report your profits and losses to the HMRC before the end of January 2015 or you could face a massive fine. You may well be aware that My Singing Lessons offers a great range of support tools for doing your own accounting if you are a singing teacher...

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Are you a singing teacher that uses Skype to teach?

If you are an online vocal teacher here is a fantastic You Tube guide showing how to best take lesson payments from your students, even if they are located in another country. Just follow the easy guide for tips on taking student payments.

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Run a singing and vocal coaching business in Singapore

Have you ever imagined running your own singing and vocal coaching teaching franchise? Leading singing lessons business ‘Become A Music Teacher’ are opening up their successful singing teaching franchise in Singapore and are offering a Master Licence Franchise, giving you the rights to use their...

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DBS certification – is it mandatory?

Although a DBS (formally a CRB) is not a legal requirement we would strongly suggest that all of our vocal coaches have an up to date Police check with ourselves. This can save face when asked if you have proof of safety when working with minors.

From 1 October 2013 My Singing Lessons has an...

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