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Singing for Energy Not For Effort

Posted Under: Beginners Intermediate Music

We at My Singing Lessons find that this is one of the most confusing concepts in singing. Energy in the tone is what we want and Effort is something we want to desperately to avoid. Energy is created naturally when our vocal instrument is in balance and our body is involved in the singing process. It feels good. It feels easy. Sometimes it occurs naturally and other times we may have to make adjustments. Effort usually occurs when singers use their throat muscles/membranes and vocal cords improperly to create volume. We should actually feel and see very little happening in our throat area.

To make the most of singing tip training, take the idea presented here and apply it to your singing this week. Singing is all about balance. If you are uncertain how the singing tip provided applies to you, try to OVER APPLY the idea, then UNDER APPLY the idea. How do the actions sound and feel different? Find the balance right for you somewhere in the middle.

Good luck and remember to share this with your singing friends to show you care for their voice as well.

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