Listen to the music

Listening Out For Your Pitch And The Music

Great singers not only know how to sing well, but they are even better listeners than you would think! This is because when we sing, we need to also listen closely to and monitor our singing pitch, making sure that our vocals are in tune with the key of the music or song accompaniment.

Basic aural awareness or listening training would involve listening to certain notes and reproducing them with our voice, for example we may play a C note, and after listening, we would sing back a C note and check that it is the same as what we played. We may also do the same with longer melody lines, and singing them out exactly the way we play them, making sure that we are in the correct key.

We can also train our aural awareness by getting someone to play the basic intervals in various starting keys to see if we are able to tell what interval is being played. This tests our listening ability as well as our recognition of pitch jumps between notes, and this will certainly strengthen our aural awareness!

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