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Glastonbury Sound Engineer Sorry He Forget To Turn On Kayne West’s Auto Tune

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

My Singing Lessons have inside information that the sound man on the mixing desk for Kanye West at Glastonbury on Saturday night made a major error when he inadvertently forgot to turn on the singers auto tune at the right point. If you have been lucky enough to avoid Kanynes abysmal singing effort...

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How would you make sense of what key you ought to sing in?

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

As a singer, you’re likely to be aware of your vocal range. You feel great singing in a specific key, and you know the high notes and low notes you’re going to battle with. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you’ll generally be constrained in your vocal collection. In case you’re...

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Courtney Love Held Hostage In France!

Friday, June 26th, 2015

French cab drivers protesting about Uber got surprising attack on Thursday when they clearly struck in a car countaining prominent vocalist Courtney Love. “They’ve trapped our auto and are holding our driver prisoner. They’re beating the autos with metal bats. This is France??...

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Tips to Giving The Best Singers Onstage Banter

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

While nobody anticipates that you will be the next Russell Brand between numbers, in front of an audience chit-chat done right can make you a remembered band that individuals need to hear more from. Then again, a tragic front-man’s dramatic chat can make individuals flinch...

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Students Unfortunately Leave – So What Do You Say To Them?

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

We know that being a singing teacher will bring you ups and downs. Like when your best singing student ups and leaves for University the other end of the country and can’t come for their weekly lessons anymore. What words of wisdom should you leave them with? Here are a few idea’s from...

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Pop Act Needed.

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

The SongLab is a pop focused Production and Publishing company. We host quarterly pop writing camps between Artists, Writers and Producers which act as a development ground for further opportunities in the music industry. We’ve run two successful camps this year so far and we’ll be holding...

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Work in the music industry with Music Industries Association.

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

This role requires a dynamic and ambitious individual to take sales of MIA Membership to the next level. Selling to the musical instrument industry and associated allied trades, you must have a proven successful track record in sales. Microsoft Office: Word/Excel/Access skills essential. 22.5 hours...

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Florence & The Machine Take Over From The Foo Fighters At Glastonbury 2015.

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Florence and the Machine will headline the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury this yr, following Foo fighters’ withdrawal from the Friday night time slot. “once we heard… The Foo’s had been forced to pull out, there used to be only one individual we wanted to call and that was Florence,”...

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Superstar Singer Surprizes Fan With Spontaneous Duet.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

British pop singing superstar Ed Sheeran shocked a young fan Sunday at West Edmonton Mall, when he walked onstage at a fundraiser to sing one of his hit songs with her. Watch the video as Ed rushes from a record store to jump on stage to do the duet with the gobsmacked singer. Great video’s...

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Singers Foul Mouthed Actions Ruin Family Festival

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Music festival the Taste of Fort Collins was put in jeopardy for future Years over the bad language of the singer from the band Smash Mouth. Steve Harwell claimed to have had pizza thrown at him whilst singing. Video footage confirms there was food thrown but it appears that it was randomly chucked...

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Singers The All Saints Ready To Make Amends

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

We certainly never dreamn’t it would happen but it seems the bad feeling between the band is water under the Bridge. So dust down your combats because The All Saints are making a come-back twenty years after they  first started.

The ladies have launched a teaser trailer offering...

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Mistakes NOT to make during a live show!

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

So many singers are quick to give advice on what to do at gigs when you are just starting out. But the things you shouldn’t do are just as (if not more) important. There are several things that separate professional musicians from new bands. Here are some beginners mistakes to avoid while playing...

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Taylor Swift’s corrects grammer to fan but gets English wrong!

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Singer Taylor Swift isn’t the perfect English speaker. When in the UK she played the Radio 1 Big Weekend Festival in Earlham Park in Norwich. But to locals she had them either in despair or rolling around in the festival mud by getting the pronunciation of the ‘fine’ City wrong on...

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New Book – Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Montage Of Heck is a fascinating companion book that delves deeper into the interviews, art and photography of the recent documentary, helping to unravel the myths that surround Kurt Cobain. The writer and director Brett Morgen was allowed unprecedented access to Cobain’s friends, family and...

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One Direction Selling Out So New Dates Added To UK Tour 2015

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

After rumours of a permanent split and members leaving the singing boy band ‘One Direction’ have sold out all of their UK tour dates. To counteract this they are planning to add some additional dates to the ones currently on offer;

24.09.15London, GB, O2 Arena

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