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Your Head Controls Your Singing

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We have a singing student who comes into class and is always too afraid to sing out loud. She has anxiety problems, and she gets very stressed out whenever she is asked to do something, or to show me what she has been practising at home, or even just to sing a simple major scale.

As such, she sings very softly, and the sound that she is able to produce is just barely louder than that of a mouse. After around 10-15 minutes of breathing and relaxation techniques, and also getting her warmed up to begin singing class, she is then able to sing out louder and do the vocal exercises that we am asking him to do in class.

  • Certainly, many of us fear to sing.
  • It is an innate fear of our own voice, and many of us are subject to this fear.
  • Sometimes, we hear our own voice from our own recordings or from the speakers, and we just don’t like what we hear.
  • Other times, we just fear our voice cracking or sounding terrible in front of our friends or colleagues, and we would rather keep quiet and just not sing, to avoid the potential embarrassment that could happen.

Our question to you is, why let fear control your life?

  • If we had been afraid, we would not have set up My Singing Lessonsl, and we would certainly not have chosen a lifelong career in teaching singing and in music education.
  • If we had been afraid, we would not have opened our mouth to sing, and we would also not have released our very own CD’s (up to 4 now) of our own music and singing.
  • If we had been afraid, there are so many things that we would not have done, and our life would have been so much duller and not anything like the life we are living now.

So, instead of worrying about what others think about you when you sing, focus on singing better with each song that you do.

Focus on improving your skills, on teaching yourself to sing better, on making yourself become a better singer with each passing day. Because if we truly focus on something, we will achieve it. Life is really too short for regrets. So, what’s your regret?

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