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In a band, got a CD coming out, want more music students to teach, selling your musical instruments or just want to say ‘hi’ to musicians across the World? Why not get your details out to over 6,000 musicians by sponsoring our newsletters. Or if your on a budget just choose one instrument – Guitar, Keyboards Drums or Singers? We have packages to suit all. Starts at just £25 ($35) per Month for a single instrument or £80 ($120) for all 4. Write to us at newsletter@MySingingLessons.co.uk for more details.

There are several other alternatives we are also able to offer, however if you wish us to look at something bigger or smaller please contact us at info@BecomeAMusicTeacher.com. Prices start from as little as £18 ($30).

To talk to us in more detail about all advertising opportunities for your music business please write to our marketing manager at Marketing@MySingingLessons.co.uk or call them directly on 01603 469662.

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