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Listen And Learn From The Best Singers

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My Singing Lessons tutor Sara recently had a lesson with a regular individual student and this student of ours really knows how to analyze the voices of various singers.  He could describe to us how these singers sang, and also could tell us what techniques they were using in order to achieve the tone that they were singing with.

For example, he could tell me that one of the lady singers was too emotional in her chorus, and she used to much breath when trying to hit the high notes, resulting in her tone sounding constricted and rough, and also not being able to reach the maximum projection that she could achieve.

We could see that the more he analyzed how other singers sang, the more he began to understand how he was singing, and what sort of vocal habits he had that were stopping him from reaching the kind of power and projection that he wanted! We could see the cogs in his brain turning, and that he was reaching a deeper realization and understanding, and in the next few minutes of the lesson, he was able to adjust his own singing and achieve a stronger tone, just because he noticed the mistakes that other singers were making.

This is certainly is a very useful skill to have. The ability to be able to analyze the singing of other singers, and to be able to decide if their technique is vocally sound, or if it can be improved upon. So, the next time you listen to someone else sing, or the next time you go to a concert or a recital, open up your ears and your mind, and listen with your whole heart.

You may find that as you start to listen and analyze the singing of various singers, you will also start to create new neural pathways that will help you to improve on your singing as well! 🙂

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