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Know your pitching range lesson

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Pitch is certainly one of the Basics of Singing, and these pitching tips will help you to correct your pitching through the use of a variety of techniques involving some aural training as well as actual singing! When we sing in pitch, we are usually employing 3 kinds of techniques:

1. Knowing Your Pitch Well
2. Listening Out For Your Pitch and The Music
3. Correcting Your Pitch As You Sing

Let us look at each of these pitching tips in detail:

1. Knowing Your Pitch Well

Singers who are able to sing in the correct key or pitch often have a great sense of notes and musical scales, knowing exactly how to produce the pitches that are necessary for the respective songs that they sing. This will involve knowing what vocal register or vocal position to sing the respective notes from, as well as how to support the notes well with your breath.

This familiarity with your ‘singing pitch’ also comes with regular practice of the basic musical scales,for example the Major Scale as well as the Major Arpeggio, and also other more advanced musical scales like the Minor Scale, Minor Arpeggio, Major 7th Arpeggio and so on!

We can also practice certain Basic Major Intervals like a Major 3rd (Doh – Mi) or a Perfect 5th (Doh – Sol), so as to familiarize ourselves with how to do some basic pitch jumps when singing.

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