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Getting More Power In Your Voice When Singing

Posted Under: Expert Intermediate

To us at My Singing Lessons, a strong and powerful voice is one that is clearly audible and not strained, and is also bright and clear in tone. And so, how do we achieve a voice that has such qualities? Certainly, pushing with more breath is not an option. What that does is to make our voices more breathy, to put more pressure onto our vocal setup, and also cause our vocal folds to be subject to more air pressure than is optimal for good and healthy vocal fold vibration.

Also, it most likely will create a voice that is thick and heavy, and possibly also quite shouty in tone. And this would not be pleasant to most listeners’ ears, and most likely will also cause more vocal trauma too. Alternatively, what we can do is to work on our twang in our speaking and singing voice.

Having more twang or brightness in our tone helps us to reduce the amount of airiness in our voice, and also to become more audible without having to use more air to push our voice ‘out’! Twang also helps to hold the vocal folds together better, making for a voice that is more solid and also less likely to break or crack when we sing. Unless of course, we push through too hard with too much air. 🙂

So, the next time you think of trying to sound loud or powerful, think of how you can sound more twangy or brighter instead, and see if that helps you to achieve more vocal projection in your singing, and also possibly make your voice less airy too!

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