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April 12, 2015

We have been approached by a singing teaching academy in India to tutor their students for them. The reason they came directly to us is that British, European and US singers are highly regarded in India and the current level of their teachers is not at such high standard as My Singing Lessons tutors can offer. India has more millionaires per head then any other Country in the World so its a market we feel that has potential to make our tutors a good wage from after building up their business here.

Our singing teachers would be teaching from 8AM until 2-30PM on line. This will help in filling up those more baron times of the day when more students are at school or work. The payment will not be as much as a My Singing Lessons teacher would receive in Europe or the USA however you should expect to get between £12 to £20 per lesson. If you are interested in knowing more about this amazing opportunity please email us at India@MySingingLessons.co.uk – this is only available to My Singing Lessons teachers so if your not a member please subscribe HERE.

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