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Do your know your own voice?

February 1, 2017

Many of us singers are very good at listening to other singers’ voices, and noting how they sound like, and even how their voice has changed over the years, in the various albums that they have released. However, when it comes to our own singing voice, many of us are stumped! We don’t really know how we sound like, in the ears of our audience.

What we hear in our heads isn’t really accurate, because it always sounds much better than what others hear from us, due to the bone conduction that happens in our heads. We always sound absolutely fabulous in our own heads. But the truth isn’t always the case when others listen to us sing.

And this is why, when we listen to ourselves when we sing with a microphone and some good speakers, or we listen to a recording that we made of our own singing, we sometimes are disgusted by how we sound like. Because it sounds different from what we are used to hearing in our head! 🙂

So, take this new year of 2017 to resolve to get to know your own voice better.

Here are some ways to do that:

1) Record yourself singing and speaking and play the recording back to yourself, so that you know how you sound like to others. (make sure you use a good audio recorder and speakers, otherwise you will surely sound flat and boring!)

2) Use a microphone when you sing, in order to be able to hear your singing voice better. Make sure that you use a good microphone, and that you do not set the echo or reverb too high in the karaoke room, because that’s also not a very good gauge of what your singing voice really sounds like.

3) Sing more in front of others and ask them how you sound like to them. And accept the constructive criticism that others give you. Because, they are the ones who really do hear your voice for what it truly is.

So, take these 3 steps to help you discover your own singing voice, so that you will also know what you need to be working on in your daily training!

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