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Monday, May 1st, 2017

Do you remember how your parents called you down for dinner when you were a kid? Because the culture you were born into has an enormous affect on your vocal power. Moving your beyond cultural influences starts by acknowledging and understanding them.

Your inner dialogue

A tiny edit to your inner dialogue that is essential for overcoming vocal challenges. If you have ever used the words, “my voice,” then this part is for you.

Your space

If singing with power is something you have struggled with, then your practice space matters more than you think. Based on who is in earshot of your practicing, you could be holding yourself back.

Classical technique doesn’t have all the answers

Despite the common belief that classical singing technique is the best vocal technique for any genre, it has certain limitations when singers apply it to modern genres. For example, the Bel Canto style was designed to create a “peak” in the overtones of the voice that lines up with a “valley” in the formant of the orchestra. Classical singers have great vocal strength, to be sure, but they also exploit an acoustical opportunity that is unique to their genre.

Strengthen the muscles behind your vocal folds

The Thyroarytenoid muscles are behind your vocal folds, and they are also behind vocal power,  no matter your genre. Check how to give these an effective workout with a good singing tutor.


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