The ‘Millennial Whoop’ is all over modern music… and the internet

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Trends in pop music come and go, and it seems that the latest to arrive is the so-called ‘Millennial Whoop’. In the recent video posted by Arnaud Druot, this shocking new musical pandemic is confirmed. The Whoop has burrowed deep into the minds of songwriters, singers and producers everywhere, and it’s spreading fast.

The Millennial Whoop manifests in many forms – everything from the notable “whoo-ooah-whoo-ooah” or the commonplace “ooo-ooah-ooo-ooah”, right down to the lesser-heard “eeeyy-oooh-eeeyy-oooh”.

While there are regional variations, sufferers do share some common symptoms. The Whoop always seems to appear as a two-note phrase based on the third and fifth degrees of the musical scale. These two notes, when combined with the root note of the scale, create the basic and oft-used major or minor triad, meaning the Whoop is spreading like wildfire.


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