Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Source Audio has unveiled a new programmable unit with four footwsitches that works with pedals and DAWs. The Soleman MIDI Foot Controller offers a huge array of switching options, offering hands-free control of MIDI effect pedals, rack systems and audio software. There are three main control modes: Scene, Set List and Panel.

Scene Mode works as a simple up/down MIDI program change controller and gives the user the option to customise names. It also has an optional tap tempo. Set List Mode lets the musician arrange their ‘scenes’ into customer sequences; enabling them to create up to 64 unique set lists.

Panel Mode gives you the option to fully customise the action and function of the four footswitches to send a wide variety of MIDI messages or user-defined MIDI macros. You can edit scenes and set lists on the device itself, or use Soleman editing software if you want to work on more complicated compositions, which is available for both Windows and Mac users. Two extra footswitches can be added via an external switch port and expression pedals can also be connected to provide MIDI CC messages.


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