Ways to Make Your Band Rehearsal a Big Success

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Often in the lead up to a performance, novice singers and band members feel the strain; running a band is a big commitment and requires some strategic planning! Musicians love to have info before the rehearsal. All you have to do is consider the main areas you want to cover or things you want to achieve and send them a timeline for the rehearsal.

Before the rehearsal, make sure that your band members have all received a reminder email with all the details of the rehearsal venue, times and equipment they will have to bring (as well as what the studio have), the lead sheets for the songs including chord progressions and lyrics – even the drummer will want these or rehearsal time can be lost!

Send out basic recordings to everyone a few days in advance of the rehearsal – either of previous rehearsal or of your first recording of a new song; email them all the next day to check they got them … Musicians love to have the information prior to the rehearsal so that they can practice their chops! Research recordings of songs by published artists to take along to rehearsals and compare for ideas, feel, tempo, etc.

If possible raise enough for the band’s fares to and from rehearsal;

Warm up your voice before going to the studio for rehearsal; you just wont get a chance once everyone arrives as they will want you to help with finding that lead or asking for tea or getting a better amp etc.

Take refreshments such as juice and biscuits – this can help avoid the band running out to get beers – the reality is that most players simply get loud and quite inaccurate once they start drinking alcohol; so leave this till after a rehearsal or gig in the pub.

Plan a break at a very specific time in your rehearsal running order so when you return to the rehearsing you will get the best out of it

Allow time for small detailed sections of the songs as opposed to ‘bashing through’ the songs five times and tiring out your voice; once everyone is clear about these sections, you can run through twice and record it the second time;  to work at a difficult section or add a new idea if you have some space.

Agree a volume level for the smaller detailed work and promise a louder volume for the final run through – so saving your voice and ears and everyone’s energy as well as developing better musicianship all round!

If anyone is acting moody or is argumentative, take control of the situation by suggesting a chat about things afterwards over a tea or a beer; take the discussion seriously – band members often have different visions of what the songs can be.

Make sure you send a ‘thankyou – I really appreciate you guys!’ text at the end of the night when everyone has gone home – this can extend loyalty and a sense of belonging  -both essential for good band work!

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