Start The New Year Right!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Yes, it is now 2016. Time to say goodbye to 2015, but of course we do have to be grateful for everything that we were given in the past year, and everyone who has helped us in 2015. For 2016, some of us would have set New Year’s resolutions, and these may include losing weight, getting our fitness levels up, achieving new successes in our career and our work, making family our priority, and certainly, not missing out on making our singing voices sound better and improving our overall singing ability!

So what makes a New Year’s resolution really work out in the end, is if we don’t treat it just as a New Year resolution. Because that makes it seem temporary, and only applicable for the ‘new year’. It makes it seem as though it’s just for the festive season, for the new year period. And when the daily grind of our day-to-day activities start to set in, we begin to forego our New Year resolution and revert back to our old ways, our comfort zone.

Start thinking instead about how we can instill new habits that will lead us towards what we want to achieve in this brand new year. For example, if we wanted to reduce our body weight, instead of thinking of how many kg we want to cut down, think instead of how we can commit to running at least once a week (if we have never had this habit previously), or think of how we can commit to 1 more day in the gym for a good workout.

Setting these activities in our lives and making them a habit certainly will create a beneficial effect, and lead us towards our goals without us stressing about them directly. And this most certainly is a more effective way, because we don’t get too discouraged or put off by the BIG and DAUNTING goals we may set ourselves sometimes.

So, for those who are looking to improve on your singing, don’t set off trying to sound like MARIAH CAREY or WHITNEY HOUSTON! Start off by thinking about how we can set aside a bit of time each day to do some vocal exercises, or maybe set aside some time each week to go to the Jam session to sing with our friends.

Make singing a weekly or daily habit, and your singing will most certainly improve over time.

It is when we don’t make it a habit, that it becomes too much of a chore, too stressful an activity, and then give it up later on in the year. So for you its Vocal Exercises To Strengthen Your Voice and stick to a plan.

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