Micheal Combs

Singer Michael Combs is out of danger

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

My Singing Lessons was sad to hear that singer Michael Combs was taken to hospital last week with severe abdominal pains. We have been keeping a check on his social media pages and can thankfully say that he appears to be making some good improvements in his health. Here is what was on Michael Combs Facebook page:

“Michael is still showing improvement. They have allowed him to have some food by mouth. His kidney function is still improving, but they are referring him to a kidney specialist for further consultation. We have been in touch with the hospital in Nebraska where Michael has his liver transplant and they are working with the doctors here to prepare us for that meeting.

Since Michael is expected to have a lengthy recovery perioed, all future concerts at this point have been postponed. Michael and Denise will be able to spend the better part of the winter months at home, looking at the falling snow instead of preparing to travel out in it. (Denise isn’t that fond of the snow so she’ll probably be pleased with this!!!)

Denise wanted to let everyone know that she will read EACH and EVERY Facebook comment—she just hasn’t had a lot of free time on her hands these last couple of days.

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