F word on the BBC

Foo Fighters, Lily Allen and Ed Sheran all say the F-word on BBC Radio 1!

Friday, November 7th, 2014

BBC Radio 1 has apologised for broadcasting a Foo Fighters track that contained two F-words – twice in 12 hours. The band were in session with Zane Lowe on Wednesday at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios. They played several tracks including Something For Nothing – which contained the F-word twice. The same version was then played out again on Nick Grimshaw’s Breakfast Show on Thursday morning.

During the group’s performance at Maida Vale Zane Lowe spoke over the second case of swearing, saying: ”We apologise for any foul language that may have come out.” However, this morning the track was aired again in full just before 0800 GMT. Breakfast show presenter Nick Grimshaw later apologised for the mistake. We take these situations seriously and having looked into it, unfortunately the track was played due to human error. We are very sorry for any offence caused.

Radio 1 spokesperson said “We must apologise for the swear words that went out in that Foo Fighters live track, so apologies if any offence was taken during that,” he said after the Newsbeat bulletin. A spokesman for the station said: “We take these situations seriously and having looked into it, unfortunately the track was played due to human error. “The presenters apologised after the record was broadcast, and we are very sorry for any offence caused.”

Radio 1 has been in trouble for this kind of thing before. Lily Allen swore six times during the songs she performed in Glasgow in May. The station broke broadcasting guidelines earlier this year when Lily Allen and Ed Sheeran swore on air at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Allen swore six times during her performance at the station’s event in Glasgow back in May. Before Allen came on stage, presenter Scott Mills had warned people “Now don’t forget this set may contain some strong language, it is live on Radio 1’s Big Weekend. “We’re about to see Lily Allen. If you’re easily offended please go to the website and check out some other performance.” But Ofcom ruled the offensive language was broadcast when “children were particularly likely to be listening”.

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