Details emerge on the new TC-Helicon monitor system for singers.

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

With the VoiceSolo FX150, TC-Helicon has created a multi-purpose system engineered to solve two of the most common problems for singers: hearing themselves properly on stage and having a monitor that meets personal performance needs by giving direct control.  Featuring a custom designed 6.5” two-way coaxial driver from sister company Tannoy, VoiceSolo FX150 is built to deliver enhanced volume, musical clarity and premium full range punch, without losing any of its dynamics.

Vocalists will appreciate the addition of Vocal-Tone, TC-Helicon’s proprietary technology that automatically adapts to the singer’s voice. This adds automatic EQ, compression, de-essing and gating to vocals for a  professional sound. Nine reverb effects – taken from the company’s VoiceLive 3 processor – are also included.

Guitarists and other instrumentalists are covered too. Not only does VoiceSolo FX150 provide the Full Range Flat Response (FRFR) system for guitar, it also delivers deep bass, while users can assign independent reverb and EQ.

A one-button Edit control of all levels and parameters is incorporated, making dialing-in a personal mix simple. The Easy Grip mic-stand mounting system allows users to set up in seconds, with no additional attachments required. Coupled with extensive I/O options and a true stage monitor pass-thru, VoiceSolo FX150 provides a system suitable to a host of applications, from professional stage monitoring, to home practice whilst doubling as a full range music system too.

Facts and figures:

UK SSP: £195
Speaker: 6.5” 2-way coaxial Tannoy speaker (150W)
Mixer: 3-channel digital mixer with TC-Helicon vocal processing, including reverb, intelligent EQ and compression
Mounting: Instant mic stand mounting with one-click Easy Grip system

Sound On Sound: “The sound quality doesn’t disappoint, with both clarity and level living up to expectations” (…) “TC-Helicon have taken an existing concept, interpreted very well, and then added the sort of functionality that you might not expect, such as reverb, centre cancelling on the aux input and the ability to control the reverb remotely from a compatible microphone with Mic Control” (…) “the FX150 is a very effective, cleverly conceived little monitor with a number of useful applications.” – Published September 2014.

Address: Sindalsvej 34, DK-8240 Risskov, Denmark
Tel (UK): 0800 917 8926

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