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Britney Spears Singing Without Autotune Leaked Online

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

A copy of Britney Spears singing without auto-tune was leaked online yesterday and caused a social media storm.

The mother of two sounded worse than many of the X-Factor hopefuls she turned down during her year on the show. However, it will not be a surprise to many who have heard her attempts at singing live in the past.

Just a few years ago, a version of the 32-year-old singing Slave 4 U on stage was released. Not only did it prove that she was lip-synching as there was the regular version over the top, but it also proved that her singing skills are not quite as great as she would like.

The more recent song lacking auto-tune may continue to prove that Spears just cannot sing. Maybe the only reason she was given a recording contract is because at the time she rose to fame she had the perfect look. During the 1990s, it was about the look more than the singing. There was also the need for dance routines on the stage, as well as perfect sounds.

Spears’ new track Alien was released on social media, giving people a chance to hear the new song and the songstress’ real capabilities. Some fans have been left hurt hearing the cringe-worthy notes, realizing that she should probably have not given advice to those hopefuls on X-Factor. There are some who wonder whether she was even qualified to tell if others could or could not sing, along with others questioning the element of a pot calling the kettle black when she was telling people they could not sing when she was in the exact same position.

However, her producer Orbit has hit back at the track of Spears singing without auto-tune leaked. He states that it was never supposed to be for the public to hear. That is certainly an obvious statement. Nobody in the music industry would want something like that to be released.

Orbit goes one step further to defend the singer, claiming that it was the Toxic singer just warming up. There are bound to be some bad notes when someone gets into a recording studio. The vocal chords need time to warm up, just like a Bolt’s muscles need time to warm up before he runs a 100m race. It is very likely that she was warming up at the time, and if that is the case there are questions why someone would feel the need to share that.

The producer also those who released the track, saying that there was an element of “unkindness” about it. He then ended it defending the artist, explaining that she is “magnificent,” and that is the way it will always be.

The Stronger singer still yet to speak about this version of her track being released. However, in the past she has decided to ignore comments about her ability to sing. The 32-year-old is currently enjoying her stint in Las Vegas, which has been extended for another year because of her ability to sell tickets and put on an amazing performance. Spears has an element of professionalism about her, even when a version of her singing songs without auto-tune are leaked online.

Britney Spears Without Autotune


Britney Spears With Autotune



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