Winery Dogs singer uses Samson Microphones

Richie Kotzen and Mike Portnoy talk about Samson mics

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Guitar and singing extraordinaire Richie Kotzen and Dream Theatre drummer Mike Portnoy talk about what mics they use live and in the studio. With many different guitar styles ranging from rock, blues, jazz and fusion to pop and soul, Richie Kotzen has built an incredibly diverse 20 year career as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. During that span, Richie not only built an incredibly successful solo career, and with rock bands Poison and Mr Big but has also found himself writing, recording and playing live with a variety of different artists. He has played with artists ranging from Pop/Rock bands like Poison and Mr. Big to Jazz/Fusion groups like Vertu, featuring guitar legends Stanley Clarke and Lenny White. Working with these artists has helped Richie with a great deal of in-studio experience, as well as the opportunity to tour the world, introducing him to an international audience. Richie is now a member of The Winery Dogs, alongside Mike Portney and Billy Sheehan.

See Richie at the Samson stand using their mics;

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