Bono to write for new movie

Singer Bono from U2 to write film score.

Friday, June 20th, 2014

My Singing Lessons have found out that Dublins U2 Bono & The Edge are going to be writing music for ‘Once’ director’s new movie. There’s no official statement on when U2′s new album will be launched, but Bono and The Edge are already lining up new projects. Namely, writing music for a new film by Once director, John Carney. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the director said, the guys “already have been extremely helpful in discussing the musical aspect of the film and what the sound is going to be like.”

According to the director, the film, titled ‘Sing Street’, will be set in the 80’s. “Obviously U2 were extremely prolific then, so they’ll bring that, and they’ve just been great sounding boards,” he explained. “Bono has been very helpful with character and story as I’ve sort of pitched the project to him over the last few months.”

The film is not based on Bono’s own life as a singer, Carney explained, but will show how good of a storyteller the lead singer is. “I think that an album is a story, and most people that write albums have some sense of a three act structure,” Carney said. “So he’s been very helpful with how much music he’s done, but also I think he watches movies closely. He’s been helpful with beginning with a strong opening scene and character development. He’s just generally a guy that knows his movies.”

Carneys new film, ‘Begin Again’, starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, is out in theaters June 27—was also quick to say that Bono and The Edge will not be in the upcoming  movie, but they will be writing two or three songs for the film.

Watch U2’s new You Tube video ‘Invisable’;

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