Scam Alert

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

We have been made aware by one of our tutors that he has recently been targeted by a fraudster enquiring about lessons. Fortunately our tutor was aware that this was a scam and did not fall victim to the fraudster’s plan.

The fraudster contacted our tutor to arrange lessons for his daughter while she is on a short stay in this country. The fraudster explained that he had already purchased lessons for his daughter with another tutor but the tutor can no longer do them and has agreed to send the money by cheque to a new tutor.

The cheque amount is always higher than the cost of your lessons would be and the fraudster wants you to bank the cheque and then forward any remaining amount after your costs to a third party who is actually working with your fraudster, or may even be the same person. The cheque appears to clear in your account, you send the money on by Western Union or some other non traceable transfer service. The fraudster then recalls the cheque and the full original amount disappears from your account.

We would advise all of our tutors to be cautious when dealing with potential customers. Never agree to forward any money onto another person and do not disclose your full address and contact details until you are positive that the customer is genuine.

If you are in doubt about a customer or think you may have fallen victim to a fraud of this nature please contact us.


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