Amy Herbst

Opera Singer Amy Herbst Cannot Sing Without Farting

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Amy Herbst, an opera singer, is having a hard time singing lately, not for difficulty in hitting the high notes but she cannot keep from passing wind.

This is the odd dilemma she goes through, according to Fox News. Herbst is a mezzo-soprano who had her childbirth operation handled by a nurse in the Army around 2 years ago.

She suspected the nurse based in the Army Hospital in Kentucky must have caused damage to her reproductive system or probably in her digestive processes. wrote that since she gave birth to her son, she has noticed herself turning flatulent making her feel ashamed each time she sings.

The operation made on her was allegedly episiotomy. It meant cutting a section in between the vagina and the anus to make child birth a lot easier. However, according to her attorney, the chances of repairing what was done wrong were low. As a result, Herbst lost a singing stint for ‘Madame Butterfly’ as reported by the Tennessean.

The opera singer is married to former Army Staff Sgt. James Herbst. The Cincinnati couple claimed the incision made by the army nurse was done when Mrs. Herbst was on her second phase of labor. The problem came when she remembered that her consent was not considered or better yet she was not informed of the incision that was done on her, Huffington Post wrote.

Mrs Herbst’ attorney included in their lawsuit how the opera singer lost her singing career due to the circumstances she went through since her childbirth. It was perceived that although there might be several hurdles to overcome before the singer gets the justice, she seeks out for the concept of sovereign immunity.

The Herbst couple is placing a $2.5 million pay for all the damages the alleged failed surgery caused the opera singer. They already filed the lawsuit on Jan. 16 in a Cincinnati federal court.

Mrs. Herbst deserves to sing again on stage without being embarrassed with her flatulence.


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