Melba Moore

Singer Dedicates New Single To Sandy Survivors

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Melba Moore is well-known in the world of entertainment but few know her connection to Hurricane Sandy. Not only did the historic storm happen on her birthday, but she was forced to flee her home overlooking the Hudson River for higher ground.

Melba Moore’s show stopping Broadway performance in “Purlie” earned her a Tony Award in 1970 and set her on the path to stardom. And the native New Yorker shows no signs of slowing down.

But when Hurricane Sandy washed ashore on her birthday, October 29, the entertainer was frozen with fear inside her home overlooking the Hudson River.

“I wanted to go by the river and see what was looking and it was so amazing because it was cloudy and dark but there was no rain and there was no wind yet but the water was above the sidewalk already and it just became terrible,” Moore recalled.

So terrible that she escaped to a relative’s house until the storm passed.

“And then when I realized we didn’t have power and we started to see what was happening to just even our next door neighbors, we wanted to do something to help make it better,” Moore said.

And she’s released a new single called “What can I do to survive”, which she dedicates to Sandy victims. The singer and actress says her career has taken many twists and turns over 40 plus years in the business. But she remains loyal to her fans.

“The goal first of all, was more than just singing a song, being on Broadway, being in front of millions of people. It really was a chance to show the light of integrity – of someone who has a pure dream that should come true,” Moore said.

Melba Moore will be celebrating her birthday at the end of the month with a live performance at “The Cutting Room” in Midtown. Proud to be a survivor, she says she plans to salute those who also made it through the storm.


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