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Jessie J Finds Fan Abuse Scary

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Singer Jessie J says getting hate messages online from fans is a scary experience.

“It`s hard. I still have a heart deficiency and have days where I struggle. The fans don`t get that sometimes. The abuse you get if you have to cancel a show … It`s scary,” Time Out magazine quoted Jessie J as saying, reports

The 25-year-old believes every emotion expressed online is extreme and so, she avoids reading comments about herself on social media.

“With social media, young people use words of hatred so flippantly now. It`s either `I love you!` or `I hate you and I want you to die`. There is no middle ground. Everything`s an extreme because people want to be noticed,” she said.

“I tend not to read my social media timeline as much as I used to, because I try to lead a very positive life and Twitter can be quite dark sometimes,” she added.

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