Singing Performance Course

Do you admire performers who seem to be really confident and have it all under control? Would you like to move closer to having this kind of confidence? Over my years of teaching, one issue that arises again and again is singers feeling they don’t have enough confidence: either they ‘chicken out’ of singing altogether or they feel they let themselves down when they do sing.

Benefits of this course:

  • Small group (3 singers) so you get as much individual attention in the lessons as possible, you don’t get ‘lost in the crowd’
  • Very friendly, sociable atmosphere, providing an opportunity to network, and share ideas and stories
  • Supportive, nurturing environment – freedom to express yourself and feel safe
  • Constructive feedback from a professional vocal coach, and from other singers
  • Group lessons are a great way to supplement private lessons, or they can provide a more economical alternative

You will:

  • Move from ‘singing’ towards communicating ideas and emotions
  • Gain more vocal strength
  • Extend your range
  • Learn to pitch your voice more accurately
  • Learn about your voice and vocal ‘tendencies’ of different singers, and how to manage these tendencies
  • Develop analytical listening skills when hearing others perform
  • Get tips on dealing with nerves, breathing properly, learning songs – and more!

What happens in the course:

Each session starts with a mixture of group and individual warmups, where you will be taken through exercises which suit warming up for any occasion, and which will help you get to know which exercises suit your voice best. You and the other singers will sing individually, performing a song chosen before each session

What do you need to bring?

  • Lyrics for your pre-chosen songs
  • Love of singing
  • Desire to take your singing to a new level

How long is the course?

12-1.30pm, over 6 Saturdays.

Start date remaining for this Year:

6 November

How much does it cost?


Where is it?

Soho Radio Studios

22c Great Windmill Street

London W1D 7LD

More information:


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