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This is an exciting music teaching business with a proven track record, however initially it may take several weeks to reach fruition so do be aware that this is not a ‘Get rich quick scheme’! What we are looking from you to bring to our company is your sales and marketing knowledge, understanding musicians and how to inspire them to take up a teaching role. The great thing about this role is that you can work the hours you want and fit it in with your other jobs.

General Job Description

You will be responsible for sales in the UK (telephone and email) and processing of sales, updating the prospect database, liaising with us to generate new leads and working with us to make sure payments have been received from clients and that you get paid. This may look scary, but we will be there to assist you at all times and once you have set up 2 or 3 tutors I can assure you everything will slot into place.

Pay & Commission

We can offer you 2 alternatives on payment.

Option 1: We will pay you 20% of the profits from any new business you have helped to generate which will be paid Monthly and reviewed Quarterly.

Option 2:  Alternatively you can be paid £20 per sign up – as long as you haven’t given the tutor any additional offer on the deal (eg. half price sign up etc.).

These rates also apply to selling the BAMT online teacher training course. You will need to stick to either one or the other from the start. From our experience approximately  every 10 leads you speak to, one will sign up. You will need to make at least 10 quality calls per week to get your commission.

You would need to invoice BAMT for the amount which will be paid directly into your nominated bank account. Do be aware that you are responsible for notifying the tax office of your earnings as you will be self employed.


We will give you assistance when and where available with all area’s of the business, however you will be expected to work on your own and use your initiative. Full training (and on-going) will be given where applicable.

Job Responsibilities

Here are the things we would expect you to be responsible for;

  • Understand the products, their features, advantages and benefits for the customer.
  • Contact any prospects and follow up.
  • Update prospect list.
  • Make at least 10 quality calls a week.
  • Meeting once a Month for any updates and news via Skype.

The most important thing in this role is chasing up any sales leads and keeping on top of them with follow up calls. Learning the products and their benefits to the clients is paramount to selling it. We have sales templates that you can use to get the information we require and to assist with the pitch, but we certainly don’t want you to clone our sales pitch, so as long as we sign people up then its up to you to develop your sales pitch to best effect.

Sales Leads

Lately we have had success using the internet to acquire leads, so if you come on board we will look to continue to use that method along with several other ways to get more leads. You should get on average 2 leads a day, so a week’s campaign should give you at least 14 leads, so plenty of opportunities to sell to. If there are any old leads that you chase up and convert to paid tutors (over 700 on our database) you will also get paid on these. At the moment the leads will come through on a separate email account that you will be given access to.


Keeping the prospect details up to date is paramount. This is done using Google Drive and is a simple spreadsheet that we can easily share to keep track of progress. We we can to give you access to this along with other sales documents.

Team Meetings

We will schedule a Skype meeting with us to update us on your activities and to update you on any relevant business news. This will be on a once a Month’ basis to start with.

Other Opportunities

Longer term we will be giving you more products to sell and the opportunity to attend music teaching events to help network our business. We may get you involved in business development, looking at new opportunities including our International plan to franchise overseas. You may also wish to help out writing lessons for us or even making video lessons with well known musicians – Robin Trower, Paul Gilbert, Andy James, Emily Davis (Darkness), Carmine Cappice (Ozzy Osbourne, Vanilla Fudge).

Next Step

Contact us at including a CV and covering letter explaining why you would the ideal candidate for this music job.

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