The Benefits of Joining a Choir

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

If you ask someone what comes to mind when they think about singing in a choir, is it going to be the numerous health benefits? Probably not. We have no doubt that choral singing has a transformative effect on health, both mentally and physically. Singing in a choir will do amazing things for you. It will:

1. Make you feel good with endorphins and better circulation
Feel-good hormones are released when you perform as part of a choir
It is widely known that the body’s “feel-good” hormones (endorphins) are released during exercise, laughing or even eating chocolate. It is less well-known, however, that the same hormones are released when someone performs as part of a choir. The deep breaths taken during singing equates to that of aerobic exercise, which increases blood flow and releases endorphins.

2. Enhance your immune system, help you fight cancer
A study found that just one hour of group singing significantly lowers the stress hormone Cortisol, and boosts a person’s immune system, which, it has been suggested, can even help fight cancer. Research conducted alongside a choir in Frankfurt found that the group produced antibodies in the blood that are known to enhance the immune system and fight off excess bad bacteria.

3. Reduce your stress
The stress-relieving benefits of choir singing have been widely recognized, and have been verified by the lowered Cortisol levels found in the study mentioned above. Reduced stress, endorphins and the positive emotions felt during group singing contribute to a “high” singers often experience after rehearsals.

4. Increase social fulfilment
Studies have found that after just one group singing class, participants feel closer to each other than when participating in other group classes. Oxytocin, the hormone associated with love, trust and bonding has been associated with collective singing, which may be related to the close bonds of friendship among choirs and singing groups. Other social benefits include meeting people with similar passions and combatting loneliness, and, We have seen firsthand how choirs can even help with grieving and healing after a loss.

5. Boost your self-esteem
A further social benefit of singing in a choir is the educational side, as participants broaden their understanding of music. Learning something new boosts self-esteem and confidence whilst stimulating the mind and memory of older singers.

And maybe even stop snoring?
Singing is known to tone the throat muscles, with a past study suggesting that this can reduce snoring excellent news if you are the long-suffering partner of a snorer!

Go for it
Group singing creates a true escape from the real world, giving participants something on which to focus 100% of their mind. We have seen how singing as part of an organised group helped many people with their struggles, including work stress and relationship issues. We encourage people from all backgrounds to experience the benefits of group singing in a relaxed and informative way by joining a local choir it really can make a difference.


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