A Bad Day Can Boost Your Singing

Friday, June 16th, 2017

So much of what we believe is real in our lives is so often just a concept that we decide is true. For example, it’s the most devastating thing (in your mind) that you didn’t get the leading role you made it to the finals for. Yet one month later it’s the best thing ever as you realise it frees you up for the other job that is your dream role. The devastation you felt was just an idea that you believed in the moment.

Ask yourself: ‘is this day really bad as I’m deciding it is right now?’

So, our point here is first to question ‘is this day really bad as I’m deciding it is right now’ and then inquiring ‘where is the benefit for me in these unexpected turn of events’. If you really meditate in stillness on these questions you’ll be surprised at what reveals itself. This can instantly relieve any stress, anxiety, tension and frustration you feel which can free you up to sing with more ease and enjoyment.

2. Belt It Out Baby

In a well crafted song, belting will occur at the most emotionally climactic moment. Whether that is a moment of pure ecstasy, pain, elation, frustration or devastation, the belt quality is used to express those heightened emotions. The singer is so overcome with that emotion that speaking is no longer a sufficient way to communicate, they simply must sing. Using your own feelings to channel into your song for a deeper emotional connection can be a really therapeutic way to release and process the stresses of your day.

People report to me that using the frustrations of their day helped them to sing with more energy and vigour. Be careful this doesn’t cross over into tension though. A balanced controlled approach to channelling your emotions into your singing is best.

3. Direct Your Energy

All performing is about directing energy. If you are not directing energy somewhere when you sing you lose focus. Emotions are just energy that need to be expressed. A simple technique is imagining that the emotions you are feeling are an energy that needs directing somewhere otherwise. This has the effect of sending the emotion outside yourself whether it’s to the wall in front of you or an imagined place in your mind. The feeling of gathering up the emotions from your ‘bad day’ and sending them like a laser beam out of your body through your singing with focussed intent can bring things out in your voice that may surprise you.


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