Sennheiser XS Wireles Microphones

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

XS Wireless all-in-one system for music, theatre and speech combines easiest handling with reliable transmission and professional live sound  for an unmatched price. Even on a busy stage, XS Wireless is set up in no time and delivers professional live sound. Thanks to its intuitive operation, you almost forget it’s wireless. Your talent came for free. Why not let people really hear it?

XS Wireless 1

Small solution  great performance. Even a small budget can provide great freedom on stage. Easiest handling, Reliable transmission, Great performance. Sennheiser developed XS Wireless 1 for those who want to concentrate on their talent, their message, their passion  and not their microphone equipment. Just switch it on and its automatic frequency management does the rest. You can operate up to ten wireless connections simultaneously. No matter whether you’re in a band, a theater or at a seminar: XS Wireless 1 makes you free to do your thing.

Excellent live sound.

XS Wireless 1 delivers acclaimed Sennheiser quality. Microphones with feedback protection and high-grade components yield an open, forceful sound. The receiver comes in an updated version that is designed to be easy to use. No lengthy set up  just go! These microphones and transmitters are proven classics  the result of decades of German engineering. Reliable transmission. On stage, you have to put up with a lot of things  so does your equipment. XS Wireless 1 is built to last: Transmitters and microphones are sweat-resistant and withstand even the toughest stress in everyday on-stage use.

XS Wireless 2

Whatever goes through your mind right before your gig or your presentation, it should not be your sound equipment. Easiest handling, Professional live sound, Rugged design, More features and same ease of use. XS Wireless 2 delivers even more flexibility  but is still very easy to use: just plug in and go! What you get on top are manual options to choose your channel, and true diversity technology. And to top it off  you get incredible sound.

Sennheiser did not compromise on sound characteristics when they created XS Wireless 2: pounding bass, crisp treble and a low-noise transmission without acoustic feedback. The system comes with a set of microphones that have proved themselves on stages throughout the world. And thanks to the receiver with two tuners (true diversity), we eliminate dropouts.

This is tough!

When the show starts, your equipment must do its job. XS Wireless 2 is really tough: The receiver has a metal housing; the bodypack transmitters and microphones are sweat-resistant and can take the stress of on-stage use — day-in, day-out.

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