Do current talent shows ‘prey on vulnerable contestants?

Friday, April 14th, 2017

A new survey conducted by Salute Music has found that the UK public thinks musical talent shows like The X Factor prey on vulnerable contestants and are not interested in helping artists. The team behind Salute  a new music platform aimed at uncovering unsigned UK music talent  spoke to over 1,000 people in the UK and asked them about their thoughts on music TV shows, music platforms and the ways in which they consume TV and music in 2017.

46% agreed that The X Factor “takes advantage of vulnerable contestants”, with 17% agreeing that same for The Voice, and 33% for Britain’s Got Talent. 60% believed that the likes of The X Factor are more interested in making money than helping artists. 70% agreed that The X Factor “serves to make money for the show’s producers/presenters”, with 41% agreeing the same for The Voice and 51% for Britain’s Got Talent.

Salute is hoping to change all that with its new show, which is fronted by music legend and ex Undertones frontman Feargal Sharkey. The new music platform is aiming to redefine and reposition writers, whilst supporting and empowering DIY UK talent. The idea behind the project is to create an “accessible and fair opportunity for a diverse range of music makers to showcase their talents”, with the opportunity to win a life-changing, no strings-attached cash prize of £50,000.

“British music can justifiably claim to conquer the world but that incredible success is built upon one thing, talent,” said Sharkey. “In an age of television static and bewildering musical consumer choice, it is now more important than ever that we give the right, focused support and opportunity to the next generation of great British talent. Salute is set to make that happen.”

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