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Friday, February 24th, 2017

The important must—have if you’re talking about what many people would consider success, i.e. earning wads of cash for doing what you love. The greatest artists have their niche and they own it. Bruno Mars has absolutely nailed it, and even more so with his New Jack Swing approach to pop. Adele, Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran are also distinctive in their sound and their songwriting. Whenever we listen to music we are inadvertently researching style. However, the difference is often made when we go mental and truly obsess over an artist  to the point where we start to sound like a parody because we’ve been influenced from listening so deeply. It’s like those two best friends at school who talk
exactly like each other. The more time you spend with that person the more likely you are to pick up their traits.

Over time, singers have many phases of love for one another and end up inspired by a unique concoction of all of the singers they ever listened too; add their own life experience and cultural influences on top of that and you have that person’s unique sound. To make sure we don’t end up sounding like an inadvertent tribute act we need to find many different artists to obsess over.

Let’s repeat that we need to find many different artists. You may have been searching for a secret or quick fix here but we stand firm in our approach: engaging with your instrument regularly is the most powerful way to ensure you achieve success in singing. Take that training and immerse yourself in hours and hours or different genres and styles of music, and you should be sounding pretty hot.

Take this as your friendly nudge to kick start your vocal workout regimen, and in a month or two, once you have experienced the results (and happiness that comes with that), please tell us all about it…
we love success stories.


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