The World’s First Looper Microphone

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

The Loopa launched on Kickstarter in March and is now shipping in time for Christmas. The mic lets you loop your own voice and sing over it, enabling musicians to sing with themselves and create layers of vocals and sounds. “The launch of the Loopa is perfectly timed,” said Sonuus. “There is a growing interest in a cappella singing as popularised by the Pitch Perfect movies; beatboxing is cooler than ever and Ed Sheeran has made live looping mainstream.”

As well as featuring an onboard looper, the device is also a full-frequency condenser mic with a built-in preamp. Kick drums make a more solid connection with the Loopa than traditional stage mics can provide, and vocals come across crisp and controlled with a studio-like presence.

Beatboxers and buskers have been using looper pedals for years to great effect. The Sonuus Loopa gives you many of the same capabilities  overdubs, undo/redo, and bypass  without the unnecessary cables and equipment.

Whether you’re an acoustic performer who likes to build compositions live, a singer who wants to explore new harmonies, or an emcee looking to build fatter beats, the Loopa offers it all in a simple stage-friendly format.

Other specs include 13-minute switchable looper, unlimited overdubs and 10 hours of performance time from a single AA battery.

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