Metal Artist’s Tips For YouTube Success

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Leo Moracchioli’s weekly metal covers have rocketed to YouTube fame with his channel Frog Leap Studios reaching a remarkable 1,074,000 subscribers. He sings the vocals, plays all the instruments, creates the arrangements, edits, mixes and produces the whole thing, right down to shooting and starring in the videos.

Commit to the musical and production details
Leo says he often starts a new song thinking, “OK. This one will be pretty simple.” It’s never true. Any song, if it is going to be done well, must have a lot of detail. “My strength is that I can hear everything. You can’t move on from any section until you have fixed everything. I’m all in the details.”

Work insanely hard to deliver amazing weekly content
People are inspired when someone goes full-out. Leo is producing a superhuman amount of material every week, especially when you consider that the audio you hear in his video is a professional audio track he created from scratch. Even if someone doesn’t like your genre or sound, no one can dispute your passion and your hard work. Everybody respects that. When he first records a new song, he initially thinks, “This sounds terrible! This is never going to work!” Then he puts in more hours, adds more parts, fixes mistakes and by the end of the week the song sounds great.

Take breaks to fuel creativity
His schedule is grueling. Leo says if he works for 10 hours straight on a song, he runs out of creative ideas. He has to leave it for a few hours and come back. “I listen to it again,” he says, “and all the ideas come to me instantly.” Even an incredibly creative guy like Leo can hit a block after long hours on the same song.

Find a market for your passion
Metal bands were Leo’s passion in his teens even though he didn’t make any money. Now, he’s found a way to express his passion in a new way. He taps into his love of metal while appealing to a mass of fans. He also combines his experience as an audio engineer with his talent as an artist  he does it all!

Be crazy and creative
Leo’s videos are crazy and people love it! He is an incredibly creative person and doesn’t have to work too hard to come up with ideas. “It’s easy for me to have fun with the videos,” he says. People love to watch someone being a nut.


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