A Comprehensive Promotion Checklist Every Artist Should Have

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

When it comes to promotional campaigns, the devil is always in the details. This is doubly true if you’re a DIY musician, or even if you’re just working with a small team. You generally have your hands full enough as it is, so there are certainly some items that can easily slip through the cracks.

Whenever we usually come up with a checklist and work to ensure that each task is checked off when promoting any form of project or album. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive promotion checklist for your next project (whether a music video, single, tour, or album) and when to go about putting in the work.

Four weeks prior: get your media ready
The key to a campaign is how many people are going to know about it, right? In order to have a successful media campaign, you’re going to need a decent amount of press coverage. This can be something as large as a media write-up or something as small as getting put on a community calendar.

At least four weeks before your event or release (or a bit later if necessary), begin sending feelers out to press. One way to go about this could be building a media list and sending out announcements or press releases. Another route would be to update community calendars or hire a publicist.

Three weeks prior: get your content scheduled
Around week three, you should begin scheduling any posts announcing the event (as well as designing flyers and promo materials). Go into your scheduler (such as Hootsuite or Buffer) and begin mapping out content. This should consist of engaging and inviting posts that get fans interested in your gig, album, or whatever you’re pushing. Be creative! Utilize fun videos, graphics, and statuses that promote the venue, performance, or release.

Two weeks prior: set your ads
Begin your advertising! Begin geo-targeting for shows, and also targeting for releases in any way you wish based on demographics, interest, similar artists, etc. Along with promoted posts, start being as active as possible on your channels for an extra push.

Week of event or release: reminders and final push
This is the time to get with friends, family, and personal contacts and remind them of your project. Post more personal content regarding your work, and keep things moving. This is a great time to get your super fans, label mates, band mates, and family members to hit that share, retweet, and post button to further your work.

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