Ways To Ruin Your Range

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

When teaching singers we notice they work so much to extend their range upwards that they neglect their lower range. They may find by doing this they won’t be able to sing low anymore. To remedy this, you need to work on both ends of your range. This is particularly important for sopranos. We often wake up with a lower voice. How about work on your lower range then and there? Enjoy the resonance of your morning voice before slowly working upwards. Don’t neglect the bottom end.

Remember, if you are belting your way through a 2-hour function gig, your larynx is in a raised position. Bring it back to neutral by gently vocalising descending scales after the gig.

Here are the top 3 things that can ruin your range:

1 Bad Audio at a Live Gig
Technique is important, and you may think you are able to withstand a long gig, but without decent monitoring you are at risk. If you cannot get good monitoring, don’t do the gig! Get serious! You cannot cut through like a drummer, or turn up like a guitarist.

In ear monitors will allow you to mix your own sound. This is the best way to preserve your voice.

2 Dehydration
Hydration is so important. Forget the 2 litres a day rule and just drink as much as you can! Hydration should be a lifestyle. We have seen singers perform a whole set without water by their side and struggle.

You may have to go to the toilet more often but it won’t kill you! The voice has to lubricate itself. The more water in your body, the quicker and easier it will be for this to happen.

3 Tension
So many singers seek help after ruining their voice. We find they often have lots of tension across their shoulders and neck. Massage is a useful tool to remove signs of any stress in their lives. Tension especially affects high notes. Try to release as much tension throughout your entire body to make sure your high notes are free and easy.


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