Beyerdynamic TG V90r, Live Ribbon Microphone

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

The Beyerdynamic TG V90r is a ribbon microphone designed for live use with vocals. Unlike most ribbon microphones, it features a cardioid polar pattern to minimize feedback on stage. It is also a lot tougher than typical ribbon mics you will find in a studio; so there’s no worry about the odd knock that it may take in a gig situation.

The TG V90r is a high-end product that is aimed at professional singers who are looking for something with a bit more warmth to the sound than with more traditional alternatives. Build quality is excellent and each microphone comes with a chart showing its individual frequency response. Although ribbon mics are typically associated with a rich low-end, the TG V90r has a tailored low frequency roll off starting around 300Hz to stop things getting muddy, and there are presence boosts at 4kHz and 10kHz that help vocals cut though and shine.

It can be quite fussy to close microphone technique and you certainly won’t get the best out of it if you are a singer who likes to almost ‘eat’ the mic while you sing. The mic is also larger than most other mics (although around the same as some wireless mics), which might put off some people.

The TG V90r is microphone that offers something a bit different to other live microphones. As a result, it is not going to be the first choice for every singer and every musical style. It requires a little more gain from your preamp(typically around 6dB more) than a mic such as a SM58; however, this is less than a typical ribbon mic and shouldn’t be a problem for most users. On vocals the mic produces a fairly natural sound that has a hint of warmth and with a top-end that isn’t overly bright (it has a fairly steep roll off from 13kHz). It is particularly well suited to acoustic singer-songwriter style music as well as jazz, however pop singers will probably want a mic with a bit more high-frequency sparkle. Overall the TG V90r is a great alternative to the more traditional mic choices that can sound excellent in the right context and is definitely worth trying if you are a fan of the ribbon mic sound.


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