Do you perform on BPI commercial audio recording sessions?

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Have you performed on a commercial audio session and had your performance incorporated into the sound bed of a promotional music video for the track? If so, you may or may not know that as a Musicians’ Union member you are entitled, under the BPI/MU Agreement 2011, to a further payment from the label (in addition to your original session fee).

The value of this payment varies from year to year, but is often around £250 per musician per video.  However you can only qualify for these “Subsequent Payments” by completing, signing and returning a BPI Session Agreement to the record label after the completion of each recording session.

The BPI Session Agreement is the contract under which the label agrees to make these further payments to you. If you do not complete one or, and this is fundamentally important, you sign a label-originated “buyout” instead of a BPI Session Agreement, then you will not be eligible for any additional payment.

Some important advice

Do not sign any agreement or buyout sent to you by the label. Disregard this and return a completed BPI Session Agreement in its place

Complete and sign a BPI Session Agreement for every BPI Session you do

Send a copy of the signed form to the label, and another copy to the Royalties Department at the MU.

Further information regarding Subsequent Payments under the BPI/MU Agreement is available on the Royalties pages.


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