Why do Record Labels and Publishers use Music Gateway?

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

At Music Gateway our mission is to empower music industry professionals and help further their careers by providing an environment in which talented musician’s can thrive and create a level playing-field.  Our community also extends the opportunity for labels and publishers to tap into top quality songwriters, composers, and industry professionals across the globe. With established Labels and Publishers including; Warner, K Digital Media, and Notting Hill Music joining the party, the chance to discover new talent or be the latest talent discovered is very exciting.

Record Labels are constantly looking for new artists and bands to add to their roster, and Publishers are always looking to expand their catalogue. Combine this with our drive to match all of our members with the best and most relevant opportunities and it’s a match made in heaven! What’s better is that it’s simple and sheds time, which as we know is one of the industry’s most valuable assets.

Record Labels and Publishers are using us as an A&R vehicle, so if you’re looking to get signed or find new talent already investing in themselves, find out more here.

Proud Partners of Singapore’s Digital Matters Conference

We’re more than excited to announce we will be partnering with ‘Digital Matters’ Singapore conference this year, an event that has been under the operative wing of award winning ‘All That Matters’ conference for the past 10 consecutive years.  We have been involved with All That Matters in the past and have attended as VIPs before – click here to see more about this.

UKTI Event

This year we also ventured out into India at the UKTI event which was held in honour of their now annual Music Mission conference. Jon Skinner, CEO/Founder of Music Gateway had this to say about the event;  ”As a member of the BPI, MPA and AIM, we have been on several UKTI backed trade missions this year alone. This will be our first venture into India and rightly so, as its in line with our members ambitions to be connected across the globe. The emerging Asian market is an incredible opportunity for us to help bridge the gap between East and West business relations. I simply can’t wait to meet the key players in India and securing more work, placements and syncs for our members.”

India Music Mission is a perfect example of opening doors to new and exciting opportunities for not only the residents there but for us and our community. Read more here

Improve your bookings with gigmit!

Looking for great artists for your gig? We have a pretty comfy solution for you and our buddies from gigmit are here to help.  Get rid of the hassle and stress of finding the most suitable talent for your event with gigmit as they make live easier for you by bringing you the right artists straight to your event, yes you read right.

On gigmit you are guaranteed to find a perfect match as easy and smart as online shopping on amazon. Why not giving gigmit a try? You can use it for free. Go digital and Register now.

If you’re a Record Label or Publishing Company looking for talent we provide a platform where you’ll be able to handle A&R Projects and receive targeted submissions in a controlled environment, resulting in no hassle caused.

Click here to create a project

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