Augusta Lee Collins who passed away in September 2015

Deaths of singers and musicians in September 2015.

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Sadly we lost these talented people from the music world recently. Christopher Jackson, 67, Canadian musician, lung cancer. Jamie Prefontaine, 30, Canadian musician (Winnipeg’s Most). Ben Cauley, 67, American trumpet player and singer (The Bar-Kays). Franz Surges, 57, German composer and musician. Radhika Thilak, 45, Indian singer, cancer.

Daniel Kyre, 21, American singer, musician and internet personality, suicide by hanging.

Daniel Keighley, 62, New Zealand music festival promoter (Sweetwaters) and band manager (The Mutton Birds, Coconut Rough, Screaming Meemees), cancer.

Guy Béart, 85, French singer-songwriter, heart attack.

Peggy Jones, 75, American guitarist (Bo Diddley).

Martin Kearns, 38, British drummer (Bolt Thrower).

Gary Richrath, 65, American guitarist and songwriter (REO Speedwagon).

Bryn Merrick, 56, Welsh bassist (The Damned), cancer.

Habil Aliyev, 88, Azerbaijani musician.

Teri Harangozó, 72, Hungarian singer.

Augusta Lee Collins, 69, American blues musician, traffic collision.

Guillermo Rubalcaba, 88, Cuban pianist, bandleader and composer.

Ilja Bergh, 88, Danish pianist and composer.

Frederick Dennis Greene, 66, American singer (Sha-Na-Na), actor, movie studio executive and law professor, esophageal cancer.

Jacques Israelievitch, 67, French-born Canadian violinist.

Aadesh Shrivastava, 51, Indian composer and singer, cancer.

Graham Brazier, 63, New Zealand musician and songwriter (Hello Sailor), heart attack.

Rico Rodriguez, 80, Cuban-born British trombonist (The Specials).

Hal Willis, 82, Canadian country singer (The Lumberjack).

Don Griffin, 60, American singer and guitarist (The Miracles), traffic collision.

Boudjemaâ El Ankis, 88, Algerian musician.

Brianna Lea Pruett, 32, American singer and songwriter, suicide.

Bouteldja Belkacem, 67–68, Algerian singer and composer.

Boomer Castleman, 70, American singer-songwriter and guitarist, inventor of the palm pedal, cancer.

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