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Singing Exercises for Sustaining Our Vocals Over Long Periods Of Time

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Try our great free singing exercise to help you sing more efficiently and for longer. Here we look at ways to control breathing and stopping straining in your voice to make it more effective without placing undue stress on your throat. Download the full lesson sheet for teaching students here. There are many more available once you have joined up by clicking HERE.

If our breath is unsteady, the voice will definitely reflect this and our vocals will be shaky when we are sustaining or singing a long note or word. Never force the note, try being as economical as possible with your breathing out and never strain. Take in at least 2 big breaths of air, then try and hold one note for as long as possible – if you feel dizzy please stop and sit down! Take a note of your note time and each week with your teacher try and increase it.

We can create a good balance between Breath and Voice, and the sound that we produce will be a good and solid one! Try using as little effort from your lungs as possible to produce a note that sustains with little or no wobble. It doesn’t have to be loud but should allow you to work on be efficient with your breathing and lung control.

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