Warm up your voice before you start singing

Build Yourself A Great Singing Voice!

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

We know at My Singing Lessons that singing exercises are very important for us to develop a great singing voice. The many scales and drills that we have in our teacher lessons will provide an introduction to basic vocal training, and the various aspects of our singing voice that we would wish to refine.

For those who really wish to work on your voice, it is essential for you to get a good vocal teacher who can guide you and teach you how to strengthen your voice in a safe manner while reducing your dependency on various bad singing habits or singing problems.

Before we begin with these vocal exercises, it is very important for us to warm up our voices with some simple vocal warm ups, so that our vocal cords are well stretched and our voices are ready to take on the challenging singing exercises that lay ahead.

1) Singing Power
2) Extending Your Vocal Range
3) Vocal Flexibility and Accuracy
4) How to Develop Your Vibrato
5) Sustaining Your Voice When Singing
6) Developing a Smooth Voice

Remember to practice all of these and trying add one or more to the other exercises.

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