Why did I sing at Glastonbury?

Kayne West Reviews By Singers

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

We asked for real vocalists that could sing to leave their opinion of Kayne Wests performance at Glastonbury 2015 last week. Lets just say you all found it rather painful watching it. We have already had some cracking replies so here are a short selection so far;

Is it me? Interpretation can get you by. Timing can get you through. Emotion can strike a chord. Bad day – experience and stamina can get you through. I don’t know what category this falls into though? – Benjamin Lake.

What the hell was that! Never ever seen such an awful performance by a so called singer. Can’t say I know much of his stuff although the Paul MaCartney song was pretty good. He really should NOT have been at Glastonbury so someone screwed up in the booking department. – Simon Pink.

One, artists from the past with real talent didn’t need Grammies; they had talent.  Two, celebrities (not musicians, since he can’t play a single instrument or sing), get awards today for farting, being on a TV show, wearing a meat suit, having a cool hat, or whatever other stuff makes them sell a public image.  Three, Grammies are given out by the music industry, like the Oscars or the Miss America pageant or the best-groomed dog in a dog show; they’re part of the multi-billion dollar promotional industry that sells songs, markets images, and makes money for the industry, and convinces people to buy things and like things, like soap commercials or the newest I-phone.  And four, because I’m sure you’re not old enough to remember, real musical artists used to be embarrassed to get something like a Grammy when real musical artists used to stand for something other than celebrity-hood. – Nick Lahage

Oh my god this was awful, he couldn’t sing the little bits he did in tune and when he couldn’t go high enough he stopped singing! Shows how bad of a vocalist he is. I am truly ashamed that he ruined a good song and festival. – George

Never in the whole of human musical experience has there ever been a more heinous act perpetrated. A song of such unique splendour being butchered by this canker blossom! He is a fraud, and a charlatan and the low minded who revere this blackguard need a swift education on how real music should be performed. The brazen cheek to cover this masterpiece is one thing, to utterly decimate it with his out of tune ramblings is quite another. I have no issue with people wanting to sing songs that maybe they don’t have the vocal range to pull off, but at the very least be able to hold a note! Hip hop I understand, I don’t like it and that’s fine. This, this was a travesty. This was a shameless attempt to silence the signatories of the petition to have his slot cancelled and replaced by a rock band. It failed, and astonishingly so… It’s a bad day when the crowd not only out sings the singer but can hold the tune when he cannot.  – Gary Crawford


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