Is it Taylor or Tailer Swift?

Taylor Swift’s corrects grammer to fan but gets English wrong!

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Singer Taylor Swift isn’t the perfect English speaker. When in the UK she played the Radio 1 Big Weekend Festival in Earlham Park in Norwich. But to locals she had them either in despair or rolling around in the festival mud by getting the pronunciation of the ‘fine’ City wrong on several occasions. She kept calling it “Nor-Witch”, which to all English people is wrong. Its pronounced “Nor-ich”. And when her fan Maddy Werch tried to show Taylors grammar was not perfect the singer responded with a grammar lesson of her own.

Maddy posted on Tumblr about a missing apostrophe in a handwritten lyric on one of Taylor’s 1989 album photos. She Tweeted: “uh, taylor there’s supposed to be an apostrophe s on its btw”. The singer then posted explaining that the apostrophe had blended into the Y above it, before suggesting three corrections to Maddy’s post! “But if we’re all being all fancy with grammar tonight, btw would’ve had a comma before it.

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