Enrique gets fingers chopped off by a drone during a concert.

Singing Star Injured On Stage – But The Show Must Go On.

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Singer Enrique Iglesias was injured when a drone that was filming him during his concert hit his hand and sliced 2 of his fingers to the bone. The show was stopped for 30 minutes but then the star resumed to the delight of the fans. You can see from the picture below

Enrique had to hide his blood soaked hand behind his back during the remainder of the concert. After the gig Enrique was rushed off to the local hospital to undergo some medical proceedures to his hand and fingers.

singer injured

Blood soaked hand

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One Response to Singing Star Injured On Stage – But The Show Must Go On.

  1. Kerry Kennard says:

    WTH – what else has to happen to people
    to show Drowns are not best for society?

    Maybe delivery items, but too little privacy … And now some freak accident?!

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