Singer looses it during family festival

Singers Foul Mouthed Actions Ruin Family Festival

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Music festival the Taste of Fort Collins was put in jeopardy for future Years over the bad language of the singer from the band Smash Mouth. Steve Harwell claimed to have had pizza thrown at him whilst singing. Video footage confirms there was food thrown but it appears that it was randomly chucked in the air and was always likely to hit the stage.

As he berated the audience more was thrown at him. He wanted to fight the individuals that where throwing the food, but he would have been outnumbered if he had tried! Many family’s with children can be seen leaving the festival during the foul mouthed singers barrage of abuse.

Steve lost a child Presley Scott Harwell, in July 2001 from leukemia and went on to create a medical research fund in Presley’s name.

Here is the video. Please be aware that it contains strong language and threats of violence.

Do you think Steve justified his actions? Do you think the singer should be held to account for this? Was he right to retaliate for pizza being thrown near him on stage?

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