Mutlu Kaya sings before she was shot

Singer Mutlu Kaya is in a critical condition after shooting

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Singer Mutlu Kaya who is a 19-year-old Kurdish lady that become famous on a TV talent show has been shot. Reports show that she had earlier received death threats before the incident. The attack on the singer is the latest in a long list of violence against women in Turkey that is still growing. 3 men have been arrested after the young female talent-show singer was shot in the head in southeast Turkey, media reports say.

The Anadolu Agency said an assailant shot Kaya through a window of her house early on Monday morning. Unbelievably the 3 men later arrested by police included her 26-year-old boyfriend, the Dogan news agency reported. The man has denied the accusation against him, while admitting to being “opposed to Mutlu Kaya’s participation on the show”, the agency reported.

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