Prince sings a Christian song

Prince Sings New Surprise Song

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Amazing singer and all round musician Prince and his band 3rdEyeGirl released a guitar-heavy cover of Christian singer-songwriter Nichole Nordeman’s “What If,” a song that embraces the closely-knit relationship between doubt and faith.¬†Nordeman is a regular on the Christian music scene: Not only did she contribute a track to the Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narinia album, but she wrote a song for VeggieTales called “Sweetpea Beauty.” In case you’re unfamiliar,VeggieTales is a children’s cartoon about anthropomorphic produce who sing and relay morality tales.

Sure, Prince has sang about God and religion for years, but he usually doesn’t release studio versions of cover songs — much less covers of songs by a VeggieTales vet. In short, Prince continues to be awesome. You can listen to the song over here¬†and check out the original version below.

Prince released the song to Louisville, KY, radio, where he’s kicking off the U.S. portion of his Hit & Run Tour. That’s the only date announced so far, but given the last-minute nature of the European Hit & Run Tour, expect the rest of his U.S. dates to pop up with short to no notice.

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